GACP do-it-yourself MANUAL

Thai GACP certifcation is a process based on guidelines issued by the Authority (Thai FDA – Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine), in respect of enforced laws (Cannabis & Hemp Act, B.A. 2566).

The guidelines dictates how you must prepare your cultivation area, how you will supply your materials (including land, seeds and fertilizers) how you will handle the grow process in full safety and hygiene, and how you will handle your crop.

All the above must keep in consideration the GACP guidelines together with current laws (e.g. fertilizer import, seeds import, water treatment, etc.).

Our Thai GACP Manual gives you all the necessary information to prepare your Company to the FDA inspection in order to receive the GACP Certificate, that will give you access to entire market of medical, recreational and export.

By applying in this section, you will receive all the documentation in PDF with a dedicated follow-up (online) up to one hour for any clarification (max two sessions of 30 minutes each).


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